20 August 2014

Solutus Advisors selected for AYR Issuer SA loan securitisation

Solutus Advisors (SA) have been named as Primary and Special Servicer for the AYR Issuer SA loan securitisation which includes student accommodation in Nottingham, Leicester and Sheffield. James Bannister, Director of SA, says that his team will work closely on the CMBS 2.0 principles including the E-IRP/Bank of England and ECB reporting requirements and added […]

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4 July 2014

S&P confirm Solutus Advisors’ special servicing rating

Rating agency Standard & Poor’s have now confirmed their rating on Solutus Advisors (SA) as ‘average’ for special servicing. This reflects individual team members’  sound experience in managing loans in special servicing balanced by the comparatively short time the firm has been in operation. SA was founded in 2010 by James Bannister and Darren Davey, […]

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1 June 2014

Solutus Advisors expand primary servicing team

Solutus Advisors (SA) have announced the expansion of  their primary servicing team to meet increased volumes of loans in primary servicing on behalf of three clients. Hamish Swan has now been recruited to head up SA’s primary servicing operations and to set up a new loan administration support team based in the North West of […]

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