Objectivity based on experience

The Solutus team has many years’ experience working in the commercial mortgage-backed securities market, leading and managing the pioneering ELoC program at Morgan Stanley and the benchmark Deutsche Bank DECO platform.

That experience helps us to provide unbiased strategic advice. We see things from both sides, never taking a formulaic approach but always look for consensual solutions, whether we are acting for the lender or sponsor.

Solutus performs strategic reviews across the commercial real estate spectrum and we can work either independently or alongside existing management. In this role we have restructured finance and sourced refinancing when required. Our extensive network of both traditional and non-traditional funding sources across the UK and Europe ensures that funding can be sourced at the most competitive terms available.

Our advice has often made the difference between success and failure for our clients.

Offering our services to:

  • Investment banks
  • Commercial banks
  • Senior and mezzanine private debt funds
  • Issuers of CMBS
  • Private equity funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Pension funds

The Solutus Advisory service offers our clients:

  • Knowledge and experience in the CMBS/structured finance markets in Europe with a focus on transparent, premeditative action to preserve value.
  • Extensive experience in insolvency/restructuring in the UK, Germany and other EU jurisdictions, including one of the earliest and largest creditor-led property insolvencies in Germany.
  • Active, on-site involvement to perform strategic asset and transaction reviews across the commercial real-estate market.
  • The ability to source capital through an extensive network of traditional and non-traditional lenders, who participate across the capital structure and across core/non-core sectors, asset classes and jurisdictions.