Non-performing loans

The Non-performing loan market is a highly specialised area, requiring an array of skills from cash collections, repayments and discounted pay-off arrangements, through to enforcement and asset management.

Solutus has considerable experience in the workout of defaulted loans. Our real estate expertise means we are able to provide a comprehensive and specialised Non-performing loans service.

Our goal is always to maximise recoveries. We look continuously for the opportunity to mitigate loss through repayment agreements, loan modifications, asset management opportunities and cash management. We are able to manage loans either with an in-place and motivated Borrower or where the Borrower is no longer involved.

We are also able to offer clients a complete underwriting and loan management service including:

  • Working with clients in the bidding and acquisition phase providing:
    • Underwriting of individual loans and development of workout strategies.
    • Review of property and loan level documentation and due diligence.
  • Transition of loan management services and on boarding of loans from incumbent lender.
  • Implementation of individual asset management and workout strategies.
  • Monitoring and review of strategies to ensure maximisation of recoveries/returns.
  • Contingency planning and management of third party advisors.