Solutus stars in ‘Freedom To Innovate’ Film on The Telegraph website

‘Freedom to Innovate’, a new film about Solutus’ success story in the loan servicing market in UK and Europe, has its debut today on The Telegraph’s Business Club website.

Solutus was approached by the film-makers to tell its story to the business readership of the national newspaper based on its progress in the loan servicing market which had had no new entrants in 16 years until the young company arrived five years ago.

Created to provide a new and different alternative in the loan servicing market for major financial institutions and private investors, Solutus launched its business during the last financial crisis as a special servicer to loans which were underpinned by distressed real estate.

Solutus Founder and MD James Bannister said: “There was no doubt in my mind that this was exactly the right time to enter what was an established and traditional market. To offer clients something more innovative, particularly as the real estate industry was experiencing a major downturn.

“Although we were known in the financial market through working in-house at several major financial institutions, our early years in a new business were not easy. We had a lot to prove before clients felt confident enough to entrust major mandates to us. However, we had great belief in what we were doing and eventually that determination paid off as we showed the difference our approach could make in values, communication and service.   Having worked client side, I guess you could say we had seen it from both perspectives and knew where the gaps were.”

He added: “In the very early days, there were just 3 of us and now there are 23 people managing the work of asset and property management companies in the UK and Europe. It seemed the right point at the five year mark to talk about that confidently.

“Building a sound platform from our Special servicing role for clients, we have moved positively forward to develop our Primary servicing resources as well as other new service areas.

“The Telegraph Business Club provides us with a great opportunity to reach a very influential audience and to promote our company and its services to a larger financial/professional target market.”